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Yoga. When one comes across this word, an image of discipline, wellness, and tranquility is conjured up. Literally translating to "union", Yoga is the ancient Hindu system of holistic well-being. A ubiquitous utterance in today"s world, Yoga has become synonymous with fitness, health and spirituality. Now enjoying a cult following across the globe, Yoga receives patronage from international political figures, athletes, film stars and musicians to common women and men.
Rishikesh, a quaint Indian town on the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, is globally known as the "birth place of Yoga". Sprawled across the banks of the divine River Ganges, this rustic habitation comes alive in the month of February/ March when Yoga Gurus, practitioners and enthusiasts from all over the globe flock down to participate in the International Yoga Festival. Organised annually by the Uttarakhand State Tourism Department, the International Yoga Week has gained immense popularity and patronage over the years. During this week-long International Yoga Festival, yoga followers revel in comprehensive lectures and demonstrations of a wide range of yoga styles and asanas. Distinguished proponents of Yoga conduct sessions along the banks of the sacred river and speak about not just this ancient technique, but also the celestial unity of the mind, body and soul.
This year, the International Yoga Week 2015 will be held from the 1st of March and will continue till the 7th of March.
This International Yoga Festival 2015 will be hosted at various venues across Rishikesh, and Hotel Ganga Kinare will be at the forefront of this prestigious event. Hotel Ganga Kinare has taken it upon itself to present all visiting yoga and meditation enthusiasts and seekers with a wholesome week long window into this 1000 year old traditional artform and way of life.

Our Yoga Teachers: Hotel Ganga Kinare has its own in-house teachers who will conduct these programmes. Apart from these we are also in touch with various teachers from other ashrams and yoga schools to come and give lectures and deliver sermons during the International Yoga Week 2015. Refer the section named "Presenters & Teachers" to see the full list of gurus who will preside over the festival's important sessions.

Our Yoga and Meditation Sessions: The International Yoga Week 2015 itinerary includes a mix of Hatha Yoga practice sessions, Pranayam, Yogic Nidra and various meditation techniques like Antar Mauna, Ajapa Japa, Chidakash Dharna, Agnihotra and Chakra Shudhi. We will also host various lectures on yoga, meditation, and spirituality to enable an interactive session with the participants during International Yoga Week 2015. Sanskritik Sandhya (Cultural Evening): During

The International Yoga Week 2015, we will be organising bhajan and kirtan sandhyas every evening at our private riverside garden where we will be inviting folk artists and vocal artists from this region.

Daily Ganga aarti: A grand ganga aarti in our private ghat will be the highlight every evening of the International Yoga Week 2015.

Bookings for International Yoga Festival 2015 are Open Now !

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